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Before I get to the medical stuff, here is the "+ stuff" first:

Been a crappy week since when I had pains start up on me one day during a stream, then exploded the next day when I tried to stream again. I am so tired of this happening, it happens a lot, seemingly at random through the year, so it looks like I am stuck not being able to draw again for some period of time...

I did try to stream last night, trying to make an effort to not have the one commission I have left to go undone for months or what ever, I did mange to get it sketched out, but that was it... I should not have streamed, I was miserable, I was passing out only to keep my self awake from the pains in my arms and hands which would jolt me awake, I had to stop from screaming out too much... which means for the people in the Skype call and watching me in the stream they were also miserable, I won't do that again, I will wait till I am better to stream again.

So a huge apology to everyone involved last night, I love you guys and I am so sorry to drag you into my misery *hugs*

I will make an attempt to finish the commission on my own still, I want it to be done before my next surgery, which I have some details below.

---Medical things---

Well here is the time line for my wonderful next few weeks:

1-2-2014 - Going to an appointment that was setup by some one that is ether employed by the University of Cincinnati or works with them. she is going to try and get me setup with Medicade which means I would have insurence for once, I was worried about that but it would be free to me, in turn my meds would be free and I could get them from Kroger which is less then 5mins away from me (heck I could try to walk there and back and do so in an hour even with my crappy legs) instead of having to drive 20mins to UC hospital and wait endlessly with many many other people doing the same thing as me.

1-8-2014 - This is the first day of my terrible week, I have to go in to speak with the anesthesiologist and get ready for my surgery.

1-9-2014 - 2:30pm - I am going back to the renal clinic so they can check to see how I am doing, they diagnosed me with kidney disease and are taking steps so I don't end up on dialysis.

1-10-2014 - Day of my surgery, gotta be there at 5am and my surgery starts at 7am. they are gonna work on my right eye this time, it is a mess in there and probably won't be able to restore sight, but they are gonna give it a go, I am thankful for that, in any cause it is not like it can get worse.

1-11-2014 - I gotta go back to the retina clinic and they will remove the eye patch/tape thing they will have over my eye after surgery and will see how it's doing, tell me about my meds and stuff.

1-16-2014 - Another follow up at the eye clinic.

Lot of things to note with all this eye stuff, this surgery will take 3 hours longer then my left eye since it is... really bad. IF there is a retina tear they will have to repair it and then ether 1) place a gas bubble in my right eye in which I will have to lay on my stomach for weeks only to get up to use the rest room or to eat, the bubble will dissipate some time after.  2) place oil into the eye in which I will not be allowed to sleep on my back (I hate sleeping on my back so that is fine) the oil will have to be removed via another small minor surgery.

So there you go, that is what is going on, I hope I did not forget anything because my hands and fingers hurt from typing... gonna try to play some games carefully as I can.

Thank you for readiing and I love you guys, no matter what happens to me... just remember that... *hugs*
SEMC Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Take care!
MDVillarreal Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That all sounds quite unpleasant.  But I wish you well with your surgeries and recovery.  Peace be with you!
mjengels Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
Prayers for you, brother.  Hope to have you back shipshape real soon.

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